Photo Lab 4 Olympus em10ii, em1 and em1ii support


I am evaluating the PhotoLab 4 in order to migrate from Lightroom. Unfortunately I’m not able to edit any of my files from em1, em1ii. it tells me the camera is not supported. Am I doing something wrong?

cheers, qwert

Hi Qwert(y) !

Assuming you’re referring to the Olympus OM-D E-M1 range - then PL definitely supports these bodies (I have a Mark iii). However, PhotoLab actually looks at the {body+lens} combo - so, perhaps you’re using an obscure lens ?

Are you presenting .ORF (Olympus RAW files) to PL - - or JPGs ?

If you’re still experiencing problems - post a screenshot of the message you’re receiving.

John M

Here is an example from em 10mkii.

some files can be opened ok, and in some cases - this.
firsts, i thought it is DNG conversion in Lightroom, which destroy the files. but some of them can be opened…

Yes, the problem will be related to the DNG format - - but I cannot explain why (others may have better understanding than me).

The good news, tho, is that you will achieve a MUCH better result if you let PhotoLab process your .ORF/RAW files itself (rather than the inferior processing you’ll get doing so via LR).

John M