Photo Efex Pro 4 Crashes Unexpectedly


For a number of times I have experienced unexpected crashes of Photo Efex Pro 4 from within Adobe Lightroom Classic.
I have no idea what’s causing it, but I suspect that ‘it doesn’t like’ something in the image itself.
That is because it seems to happen when I try to edit certain Tiff Files, usually HDRs which were already processed in another external program.
The only workaround I found is to edit the same image from within Photoshop instead, and then it doesn’t seem to happen.

Link to all the logs (from AppData\Local\DxO\Color Efex Pro 4; including the root dir logs)
(Latest crash, which just happened is the 04-04 folder…)

General System info: Lenovo E15, Windows 10 Pro (everything is fully updated, including Photo Efex).

I’d appreciate any assistance with this issue, as this is quite annoying and complicates my workflow.

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome! To get assistance with a crash, you should open a support ticket at

submitted - #259536

Thanks for directing me!