Persuading PhotoLab (4) that NikCollection (3) is installed

For anyone who hasn’t been following “Nik Collection 3 not installing on new Win 10 PC” (Nik Collection 3 not installing on new Win 10 PC - #14 by HalfBaked) I am at the point where Nik Collection is running standalone and for other programs, but PhotoLab doesn’t think it is installed…

The usual advice is “run the Nik Collection installer again” but that is not possible: for some unknown reason, although PhotoLab installed fine, the Nik Collection installer will not run despite being exactly the same program that runs on another PC here and for other people, so I have had to do this manually.

What’s PhotoLab looking for? Nik Collection is installed in the default location, for example.

I still don’t know what the answer is - but I have sorted the issue with the Nik Collection 3 installer: it does some things the exploit protection of current versions of Windows 10 considers improper, and so it’s prevented from running as it would like unless and until various security protections are turned off for it.

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