Perspective Effex Bug

I use Perspective Effex ever so often but I get bug on certain raw files that have hozital files across the image (see attached). Running the latest Nik, Photoshop. Files are from a some A7R3.

Dear @Ashe,

welcome to the forum and nice to see you here.

Could you please tell usif you are on windows or Mac?

And if possible you can add this information into your profile, under preferences in the name field for further threads.



Windows 10 Pro. Do you want me to add the OS to my profile?


Dear @Ashe ,

that’s only a suggestion, because there are a lot of people with great experience in Mac or Win.
So you will get faster response.

At the moment there are a lot of members didn’t have this information in there profile, but I’m in hope that everybody realise the advantages. And bringing further information’s like camera manufacturer gives you the ability to ask with personal message for a special problem.

Nice weekend

@Ashe, have you opened a support request at for this? They will probably want one of your RAW files to test with.