Perspective Efex very slow

New here.

I am using the Nik Collection for a very long time and the reason for that is that I’m loving it.

But since a couple of weeks I am having a problem with it.
The item I use the most is the Perspective Efex item. And normally it is very fast, only a couple of seconds to change the image. But since a couple of weeks it is very slow, very very slow. When normally it took seconds, it now takes minutes. Up to 5 minutes per item.

The PREVIEW and APPLY buttons work quickly, but whenever I want to SAVE it (and go back to Photoshop) it now takes 5 minutes.

I’m running version 4.0.3 and Photoshop 23.0.2.
But I already tried an older version of Photoshop and it showed no improvement. I disabled the GPU-function in Photoshop, and also no improvement.

Anybody who has an idea, or has the same problem?