Performance Issues

Once I add a control point things start to get a bit erratic and jerky. It is not a smooth experience. What’s strange is that it was not always so. It just seems to be slowly bogging itself down. The chroma/luma sliders really seem erratic and creating a selection is not a great experience. I am now trying to do all my masking outside of PL5. Tried a reboot of the system and it appeared to help but not a lot.

Strangely the eyedropper on the control line does not seem particularly sensitive sometimes; clear boundaries are not picked up and one still has to fiddle with the chroma/luma sliders to an extent that is far removed from fine tuning.

Colin - It might be worthwhile experimenting with the Preview Quality setting on the Display tab of your Preference settings (?)

John M

Hi John, I don’t have many options, just high quality on and off. Have tried both. On appears slightly better but the entire experience of masking is second rate when compered to the smoothness of the competition. But it rolls on or seems to as I cannot really see that the highlight and shadow recovery is that brilliant either (I admit I still miss a whites slider). Whether it is a Fuji RAF thing I am not sure. Certainly it is apparent on Fuji - I shall try some nef files as well.

Well, it seems to be better with High Quality on, there has also been an update today. Also a bit of advice I read from @Joanna, in that it might be better not to use the standard preset, seems to be helping my results. I have been trying Optical Corrections Only and it looks to be helping.