Performance after MacOS update -> Ventura


has anyone else worse performance of PhotoLab 6.1 after update on a MacBook Pro M1 Pro? After my test I downgraded to 12.6.2, because DeepPrime and DeepPrimeXD is 50% faster in this version than in Ventura for a 45MB photo.

Could you redo this test again and then run the diagnostic tools to send us the results.
please download the diagnostic tool:

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…with both macOS Ventura and Big Sur?

I have a standard M1 Air 2020 running Monterey, if you need a comparison? May not be a valid test due to hardware difference but happy to help if need be.

On Ventura, to know if there’s something relevant.

I am seeing this too, now that I have upgraded to Ventura - but setting PL to use the Apple Neural Engine specifically in advanced preferences fixes it. M1 Mac Mini, macOS Ventura 13.2, PL 6.2.0 build 41.

I have sent diagnostics with auto-selection and with the ANE selected to DxO Support.

[Update: It turns out that DxO changed the auto-selection in PL6.2 (maybe earlier, I don’t know) to choose the GPU rather than the neural engine on Ventura M1 Macs, to avoid the colour cast issue. The release notes with PL 6.3 (not 6.2) drew my attention to the colour cast, and DxO support confirmed the default was changed. On my 20MB Panasonic RW2 images, the cast hardly shows. My issue noted here may well be different from the OP’s.]

DPL6.1 is still using the ANE, the switch to GPU was done with DPL 6.1.1. Similarly, the switch was also done with DPL5.6 (not sure, am not near my Mac right now. The change has slowed export considerably.