PDF manual:hyperlinks please!

Hi, I just bought the DXO suite, and m struggling with the manual. There are no hyperlinks at all. Please add them, so we don’t have to lookup the index, and enter the page number manually to get to the page we need. Would save a LOT of time. Thanks!

Until this happens, can I suggest the shortcut of selecting the word and hitting search?

Yes of course that’s what I do when I look for a specific term. (1st computer in 1984). But a hyperlinked index is really a minimum requirement in 2021 (The sidepanel index is hyperlinked to the document index instead of the pages!).

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And I am totally in agreement. So, why don’t you go to the Which feature do you need page of these forums and request it? Don’t forget to vote for your own request.

In the PDF version, shortcuts exist but target the command in the summary :crazy_face:

Let me convert it right here :slight_smile:

P.S. Done, you can vote now :wink:

Svetlana G.

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