PC that heats a lot!

Hello everyone, as DXO updates, my PC overheats more and more during image processing.
It is a laptop with an Intel(R) Core processor™ I7-4710HQ CPU @2.50GHz with 12GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD.
How can I improve (or avoid) overheating my machine?
How to put the graphics card more in contrubution instead of the processor?
Your ideas are welcome !
Thank you.

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Let’s try some basics,- are the air vents clear? The GPU can be selected in Preferences.

It will not allow that on my laptop now. It used to allow it but it’s grayed out now and both intel and Nvidia are shown as having it available.

If you can’t enable your graphics card then a laptop cooler (fan assisted) does help. I have one on my Dell Ryzen 5 gen 2 + Vega 8 graphics as it tends to heat doing any kind of reasonable work.

If the GPU option is greyed out, it’s likely it’s not powerful enough for the job. Search this site for “GPU grey” for forum discissions.

Yes, you can use Prime but not DeepPrime on machines without a compatible graphic card. If DeepPrime runs on such a laptop DeepPrime uses the CPU at full blast. Export times are very slow too. DeepPrime on CPU took 15 minutes on my MBP while Prime took just twenty seconds on the same images.

Hello @uncoy, this is interesting, can you explain what’s Prime and DeepPrime ?

Thank you @spaarrowhawk, before updating the software, it was not necessary to use external fans to cool the PC. We do the designers?

Thanks @jamhen2, fans are ok. Both are selected (default ?).

Noise reduction. Lots of topics on the forum. Prime was state of the art before DxO released DeepPrime with PhotoLab 4. DeepPrime is current state of the art. Prime was slow to process and was largely CPU driven (up to two minutes/image with 5DSR). DeepPrime is fast on a supported graphic card (12 seconds/image).


In addition to ensuring the vents are clear and free from dust, a later BIOS rev might help with thermal efficiency, but note it would be minimal at best. An under laptop cooler can also help a little, but again only marginally. You cannot select the amount or percentage of GPU acceleration PL uses.

I7-4710HQ CPU - This CPU is 7+ years old. I believe you may want to consider that the demands of more modern software may be at the precipise or already exceeding the capabilities of your system overall, taking all components into consideration. CPU, Chipset, Memory, bus speed, disk subsystem, etc. It may be time for a new PC.

Nonsense. The I7-4710HQ has a Geekbench score of 2679, in the same ballpark as 2020 MacBook Air (i5) or 2019 21.5" iMac. As it is a PC

Clearly there’s a software issue as the original poster has both lots of memory and an SSD. As the original poster is unfamiliar with PhotoLab, it’s likely an issue exporting with DeepPrime. If that’s the case, then exporting with Prime will work fine.

@vidalv can do all the corrections on this laptop, just cannot export with DeepPrime (it’s possible to move the whole set over to a desktop to export with DeepPrime). DeepPrime is great but unless the vidal does a lot of work at very high ISO, Prime does fine.

As it’s laptop, there’s no possibility of upgrading the graphics so if vidal specifically wants to use DeepPrime on his portable computer, he’ll need a different portable computer. If this was a desktop it would just be a question of sticking any reasonably modern GPU in a PCIe slot. Apparently only the very latest GPU get the PhotoLab 5 DeepPrime speed enhancements but PhotoLab 4 DeepPrime times are plenty fast and a much wider range of cards work with the previous engine.

Its not nonsense. You know all of this. As you pointed out, we are not talking about basic photo editing. He stated specifically that his “PC heats a lot during image processing”. We all know the final processing and export are the most demanding actions when using DxO. He’s got a laptop, and its limited to what he can do besides cooling the entire unit down to some degree.

He can’t add a GPU, he can’t increase bus speed or CPU from a heat consideration. He can’t add fans or increase airflow. His system is the limiting factor here, for all of the reasons I mentioned. Its useable, but its going to run a little hot when running CPU intensive applications. Most laptops are designed to be as compact as possible. Cooling efficiency tends to take a hit given the amount of space. A more modern system will be more efficient. Unless you choose a razor thin device, a modern system will have more horsepower, use less power and and run much cooler.

All the original poster has to do is not use DeepPrime but just Prime and his laptop won’t overheat any more. Not sure that DeepPrime over Prime is worth the price of a new laptop.

Astonishing how everyone here is so quick to recommend to one another buying a new computer or upgrading the OS as a panacea for happy living.

Well, since I work in IT… waiting over 7 yrs to upgrade doesn’t really appeal to me. That includes using unsupported, EOL operating systems. The technology enhancements in both hardware and software every 4-5 yrs is dramatic enough that it makes it worth it for me. There is no need to stretch every inch of life out of something once my ROI has been achieved or exceeded.

Until this year, there’s been almost no improvement in performance or functionality of Apple computers since 2011. GPU yes, but with the 2009/2012 Mac Pro one can change the GPU and I have changed it three times in that period.

Swapping out an OS every year is a lot of make work. I have enough real work that troubleshooting a new OS and app incompatibilities is not something I want to do more often than every two to four years.

You’re right… This is why I don’t invest more heavily in Apple’s Business Model.


Hello everyone, I am back, I made adjustments on the use of the software.
In the first place, as I can not change my hardware configuration, it’s a laptop, therefore, apart from the volatile memory and the mass memory can not change the processor or the graphic chip. I know it’s an old PC … This may cause another discussion when choosing new hardware for use in the processing of images.
So, this being, I changed in the parameters the selection that was on automatic for the choice between the processor or the graphic chip. By choosing only the graphics card I considerably reduced the heating of the machine, the processor mounted at more than 95 ° C!
In addition I now only treat one image at a time, lot processing, it seems, not the level of my machine!
Thank you all for your comments.
I will open another post on the choice of material in order to develop a modern config in a reasonable cost.