PC shutdown when processing with Pureraw 1.5

whenever i try to develop raw files with Pureraw 1 (1.5) my PC shutdown instantly.
The Version 2 (2.00) has the same problem.
With Version 2.01 (the last update) every thing run’s fine.
I reinstalled and installed Pureraw 1 several times, but no improvement.
I tested my system (GPU/CPU) with several stress-tests.
GPU and CPU were running busy with 100% without shutdown!
My system : Win.10 pro, Ryzen7 3700X, Radeon 6500XT.No overclocking enabled.
Will DXO force me to update ? :wink:

An instant shutdown isn’t what one would expect with a software problem or even many hardware problems. To me, this sounds likely to be a power supply or mainboard problem - something involving either insufficient voltage/current to a component or an electrical short that’s tripping a safety feature. I don’t know why only PureRAW 1.5 and 2.0 would trigger it, but it’s good that you’re not overclocking - that’s one less thing to rule out. Are all BIOS/firmware up-to-date? What power supply do you have in your computer? Are you able to check the voltages on each rail? What mainboard is in your computer?

Something you can try fairly easily: unplug as much from the computer as you can (USB devices, network, unneeded external drives, etc.) and retest PureRAW. If it still crashes, shut down as many background programs as you can (including backup and security software) and try again. Make the computer system as simple as possible. If you get to a point where nothing is crashing, start adding things again one at a time.

Hi Greg,
Thank you for your quick and detailled answer.
The GPU is the new thing in this case.
The one before was weak and need no extra powercable.
On the other hand: i stressed the system with a few hard CPU/GPU benchmarktests - the fans were roaring…and nothing happend…
Only when running PR - not LR,PS or other software.
The last PR (2.01) seems to run more efficient - the fans in the PC are coming up for short only.
The workaround you recommend is the normal way to find out whats up.
Thank you for this idea.
But…i really hate this - waisting time on PC systems to clear their probs :wink:
I have also a mac air m1 that really benefits from the new Pureraw version.
So i will update/upgrade and get two things done, even when i think it’s a little bit too expensive for an update after this short period.
Anyway, i wont wait until it gets ev.cheaper - this software is my workaround until i get the first version!
So then - thanks again, stay save.


In all past known cases of PC reboot while using DeepPRIME, either through PureRAW or PhotoLab, the culprit was the power supply unit. It was either not able to provide your hardware the needed amount of power, or was not able to handle the power usage variations.

Hopefully it is rather easy and not so expensive to replace the PSU with a better one.


Thank you for your ideas.
The power supply is a good bequiet more than 500watt.
And as i said: hardly stress testet over 15min.
CPU and GPU 100% - max.load and no probs.
Ive upgraded now to Vers.2.01 and now there are no shutdowns anymore.
So, problem solved for me :wink:
Thanks again for quick support