PC Shutdown running PureRAW 2.6.5

I’ve recently set up a mini PC, the Beelink SER5 with AMD Ryzen 5800U processor (8/16 cores), 64GiB DDR4 DRAM, 8TB SSD (one M.2, one SATA), plus an external 18TB HDD. I’m running Windows 11 Pro, version 23H2, build 22631.3007. Just a small system for a vacation house.

When I run PureRAW, so far just tested on raw files from the Panasonic ZS100, I get a hard power crash, which looks just like the PC being unplugged. No BSOD, no warnings, nothing. This often happens just about instantly.

Tonight, I ran it from a clean cold boot while monitoring heat and power in Open Hardware Monitor, and the CPU hadn’t gone past 65C before the crash… it’s peaked at 82C since then, no problems and no PureRAW. Both fans running just dandy, as before.

Yeah, it sounded like a power supply problem to me, too, and I worked professionally as a computer hardware engineer. I even moved the PC off my UPS, just in case I was somehow overdriving the capacity of my UPS with this tiny PC. Didn’t help. I see a Kernel-Power critical event in the System log on reboot, which suggests that Windows sees the failure the same way it seems to me: somehow, power is instantly pulled.

So I’m currently testing the PC using HeavyLoad. This has had the PC at 100% CPU and 99% GPU, grabbed most of the memory too, for the last 30 minutes without any issues. My room’s getting warm, according to the Open Hardware Monitor, the CPU package has basically been pegged at 35W… I don’t have a Kill-A-Watt here to directly measure power consumption. But this sure suggests it is not a power supply issue, unless you guys have a way for your software to ask for more than 100% power!

I’ve also run 300+ panoramic/HDR image merges in Lightroom, Altium Designer (CAD), Photoshop, Zoom, Vegas, other non-trivial tools, without any problems. Not sure what to do here other than not run DxO PureRAW… but so far, it’s the only problem, and it’s not even close. The program once made it through four images before crashing, but usually it’s dead before the second image if not the first.

Hard to tell what can cause this, but you may share one of the RAW files that seems to cause the crash so others can try it.

What is it that you do with DPR when the box goes overboard?

  • Add images to the viewer, set options, export?
  • What are the denoising settings you use?
    The DeepPrime variants are power hungry, try without denoising…

Tiny PC, you say? What’s the capacity of its power supply unit in watts? And does it have an efficiency rating? From what you described, it’s pretty clear to me that the power being supplied to the computer’s components is inadequate when the workload is moderate to high. When the demand for energy exceeds supply, the current goes too low and it’s just like turning the power off. Might be a limit of such a low-power, low-cost computer - or something is defective.