Pasting Global Corrections also Pastes Repairs?

I upgraded to PhotoLab 3 and am keen to start using it more extensively.

I’ve a number of images of a shoot I did some time ago. On one, I made corrects such as preset, contrast, etc. I also performed some skin repairs using the little repair bandaid tool. So far, so good. I got my image how I wanted. Now, I copied correction settings and then pasted Global Corrections Only.

What I found was the repairs using the repair tool had copied over as well. I don’t want this. Am I missing something? One would reasonable presume that spot repairs using this kind of a tool would be local corrections, pertinent only to that specific image.

Any help is appreciated.

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To be clear you have done repairs and cloning and copied global corrections and the “local” repairs with repair and cloning are pasted also on the other image?

Is it possible to use repairs reset or can you move and replace them?
Then it’s maybe strainge that it’s coupled to “global” but in the end nice to have the possibility.
I tested copy paste with local adjustment and repair/clone didn’t go with the transfer.

It could be a thing of clone and repair is being a pixel replacing action in a global pixel structure.
Embedded in the preview rendering of the global image isn’t possible to see it separate from global exposure correction or color changes.

After I’ve done my repairs, I can only Copy Correction Settings from the right-click menu (Ctrl + Shift + C). I am not able to selectively copy local or global settings that I can see. I simply right click the image and then select Paste Global Adjustments Ctrl + Shift + G. The repair points now show up on the image. When I click Show Masks, I can see the points added and then move or delete them but I shouldn’t need to do this.

I made the same observation you did… This behaviour is indeed illogical (and therefore annoying).

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I can then select reset (the anti-clockwise arrow in the top right) and that will remove the repair points. But, that’s an extra step that shouldn’t be necessary.

To me, repair/clones, etc should be local adjustments; not global.

Yes that’s my thought also.
I don’t know why repairs/clone is seated in the global corrections and not in local correction paste.
I suppose the denoise prime and pixelreplacement has something to do with that.

I originally noticed this a couple of weeks ago after upgrading to version 3. It wasn’t until I exported a whole bunch of images and wondered why they all had these mysterious marks in random spots over them that I wondered what the issue was. I haven’t had much of a chance to investigate further until now.

Well the best way is asking @sgospodarenko if she can elaborate this.
I am sure it has a sound explaination. :slightly_smiling_face:
So using her @name is flagging this.
I understand your beef with it , but knowing now is a simple reset repairs/clone a good way to workaround the issue.
edit: you can turn off “repairs” before copy command and paste global, but when tested: when turning on in second image it’s still copied. so reset seems the only solution.

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As an aside, I noticed this also applies to cropping. After some more experimentation, the cropping I applied on one image, applies to others when Global Settings are pasted.

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Clearly must be a bug. Global adjustments cannot by definition include Local Adjustments. I hope DxO fix this pronto. I use Paste Global Adjustments all the time and certainly don’t want to have to zero Local Adjustments every time.

Sorry. This is not a bug and cropping and others features are really Global corrections.
Global copy is a way to paste image corrections for a other one “in the same spirit”.!

The new clone feature has changed the terms of this strong dissociation.
This is evolution of repair feature and de facto create a confusion between Global et Local corrections.

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But the “danger” is that (in the absence of a history panel in PL), you may have forgotten that repairs have been applied. Controlling this systematically is a chore !

@Pieloe : “in the same spirit” does not mean “identically”, especially when it comes to very local — wich means very specific — corrections such as repairs…

This is the meaning of “Global”.

I think you’re French, Pascal. The word global has a slightly different nuance in French. In English, global adjustments cannot mean Local Adjustments. The working language of PhotoLab is English, hence if a word is used in the PhotoLab interface, the English sense must be respected not the French one. If copying everything what you want, it should be called “Copy All Adjustments” not “Copy Global Adjustments”.

This is very frustrating and confusing. Clarity would be really welcome. Clarity is not telling us that words in English mean other things than what they mean.

That was a shortcut.
Copy ALL corrections (no choice)
Paste Global (only global)
That was I mean and that I wrote … but too short :frowning:

I’m confused now. I hope “Paste Global Adjustments” does not paste Local Adjustments and/or Clone/Repair type changes.

Well, i am not at home but as i recall you are copying all adjustments and paste selectively.
Paste global
Paste local.
So just create a third option and were done.
Paste repair/clone

Me personal would like a checkbox list of pasting (like the partial preset editior) so i can copy all and paste selectively on images just what i want. But maybe we get that in the future because the coding is allready present with the preset editor.

Until then a simple reset of repair when active is the workaround.

@uncoy and @OXiDant

That what I wanted to say