Paste selected corrections


Is there a way for this new tool to remember previous selection ? It always reset to default…

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Hello @alexh,

“Paste selected corrections” shows exactly the corrections that were copied. So each time you make a new “copy corrections” operation the “Paste correction” window will be updated, there is no so called “default” settings.

Svetlana G.

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That’s exactly my point :slight_smile:

I don’t know if other people feel the same, but I think it’s more relevent to keep a user selection instead of the copied corrections. For example, most of the time, I don’t want to copy crop, repair or local adjustments. So I’d like those checkboxes to be always unchecked. And it’s not possible to select the copied correction, it takes all corrections that were done on the image.

I feel this default selection is a sort of duplicate of default copy/paste tool. If I want to copy/paste everything, I use ctrl+shift+v.

Do you understand my point ?

Thanks !


This is one of those subjects where you will never be able to please everybody.

There will be others, like you, who want a minimal set of corrections, then add to them. There will be others who want to have all corrections and subtract from them.

Are you thinking of the idea of “correction presets”? Would you want to be able to have more than one “group” of adjustments, that are editable and that you could choose from? This starts to feel like it could get quite complicated and could take more time and effort than simply choosing either all or none, then (un)ticking those that don’t fit.

I certainly wouldn’t want it to remember previous selections - what I want to copy/paste varies too much from image to image, depending on the adjustments I have made. I am grateful that PL is able to propose what it does - it certainly is easier than proposing all or nothing as a starting point.


I’m not sure it’s a big deal to put an option: remember previous selection…

If you want the same adjustments on many images, I think you could be better off making a few partial presets with those adjustments and applying those rather than getting into all this copy/paste stuff.

If i am correct partial preset function is part of elite.
To all:
Step 1 create preset from present settings.
Step2 open preset editor edit new made preset, checkbox all off what you don’t want to copy paste. Safe as partial preset
Step 3 apply Partial preset on those images you like.

I think you don’t get it, it’s not the same, I want to copy/paste for 3 or 4 images maybe. But each time I do that, I’d like to have always the same selected corrections.

What is the utility to have all the corrections done selected by default ? No one will use this selection, because it’s also the default selection while doing a ctrl+shift+v. The idea of this tool is to change what we select, right ? So why not keeping the user selection ? And also maybe to have different saved selections (but that’s the cherry on the cake :slight_smile:)

I get it and my preset is a workaround.
You can multiselect image’s and select past one’s.
I think the way the selective paste is working is not carved in stone.
We users have some influence in the further finetuning.
One if the things is if i activate in my basic preset a set of tools. The one in prefferences, and do nothing to change but copy this it’s flagged as active changed tools wile all the other images are have the same preset applied are i change anything or not? (using magic want automodes can be a surprized outcome.)
Second thing is what you are writing, selection operating tools.
Does this cover the way most of us like to use this feature?
I need to use it more often before i can say if i nééd a operation change.
(my way of shooting delivers more unique then groups of image’s which benefit of multi image pasting so i am not a big user of this feature.)
I use often Virtual Copy’s to try out different development and when i choose the final one and then i copy paste all to the master. (delete the VC’s i don’t need anymore.)
But i understand your point.

I know this is an old topic, but I wanted to chime in as I see this as a huge glaring omission. I 100% agree with @alexh. This is the very first thing that came to mind when I first saw the “paste selected corrections” feature, and frankly I can’t believe that a “remember previous selection” option wasn’t added from the very beginning. This feature makes zero sense to me without it.

I typically uncheck crop and maybe a few others, and might want the same for maybe 10-20 images or more in a row. At the moment I would have to uncheck each option one at a time for every image. If I unchecked 3 boxes per image with 10-20 images, that’s 30-60 checkboxes to tick because there is no “remember previous selection” option. If there was a “remember previous selection” option, it would be 1 checkbox to tick. Then when I get to a new set of images that requires a change, I simply check or uncheck a few more boxes and continue on with the next batch.

The nice thing here is that adding a “remember previous selection” option has zero effect on people who don’t want to use it. Although the only way I can foresee NOT using “remember previous selection” is if every single photo you work on is completely unique and requires a different set of corrections to be pasted each time. That’s definitely never happened to me… ever.

I agree completly. This should be an option.
This tool (copy/paste) should hiddenly store 2 sets of “selections” :

  • The actual one (every setting changed in the image)
  • A custom selection (to be created and changed on the fly in the paste window with a “store selection” button).
    And a button to enable/disable this custom selection which toogle between both.

This enable/disable custom selection button should remember its last state (on/off) every time paste window is open (of course !).

It generally is a waste of time and an enormous number of clic mouse to get needed selection.
I know [multiselect images → paste] works (fortunatly !). But it happens very frequently (especially for sessions containing a lot of photos), that paste tool is used several time on several selections with the same setting (for many reasons - one been that it is not possible on those cessions to see all images in image browser at once, but there are other).

Very poor reasoning.
It is really very easy to please everybody here. Look above, here is a very easy way to interface this with only 2 more buttons in the paste window.