Partial Preset has Soft Proofing enabled but cannot remove it from the preset

I have a Partial Preset that has Soft Proofing enable but do not want it. I edit the preset as per the instruction manual but Soft Proofing remains enabled. Nothing I do will remove Soft Proofing.

Why not screenshot the settings, delete the preset and make a new one without soft proofing?

I have done some more testing and it does not look like it is the preset that is at fault but something else. If I select SP to part of the preset and it is truned off then when applying that preset SP is turned off and those details are in the preset file.

I noew edit the preset and untick SP and save the preset file is updated with all SP optioned removed. Now when I apply the preset SP is turned ON.

Next I created a New Empty Preset but when I went to edit the preset SP was ticked and turned on!

I think this issue has been around since SP was first introduced.

…edit the preset and flip the switch of the soft proofing tool. Leave the leftmost checkbox enabled, the one appearing in the column that inserts itself when a preset is to be edited.

Some of the tools have strange states when a preset is edited. I usually just ignore that and set the tool to what I want. That works on my Macs.

That will then turn Off SP if it was already on. This is a Partial preset and should leave those not checked alone - i.e. not change their state. The SP state is being turned ON even when not part of the preset (I chave checked the preset file and there are no references to SP in it.) SP is being turned on when applying my preset. I even tested with an New Empty preset and it does the same thing,

I don’t fully grasp what happens on your machine. Could you post your preset (export it) here as a .zip file?

Sure, here is a New Empty Preset.

This is what I did:

  1. Created a New empty preset in the preset editor.
  2. Applied it and no issue - nothing changed
  3. Clicked Edit to edit the preset and noticed that SP is checked and enabled.
  4. Unchecked SP
  5. Saved preset and clicked Edit to turn off editing.
  6. Appplied the preset and saw SP enabled!

Edited the preset in a text editor and theres is effectively nothing in it. This is the preset I am attaching.

Keep playing and you will drive yourself nuts trying to disable SP. (unless of course there is something wrong with my install).

New empty preset.preset (99 Bytes)

Some more info:

While editing presets I have been applying them from within the Preset Editor and that is where the issue is. If I apply from the Apply Preset button at the top right of screen then all is fine!

@KeithRJ I hate Partial presets! It took me a long time to be able to create them successfully in spite of following yours and other peoples advice.

However, back to the plot, I have imported your preset, or non-preset since it is supposed to do nothing, into PL6.3.1 and it now resides in my Partial Preset folder and I get this when I edit

so I turn it off, note in this case it is de-selected I think because I modified in a previous test (?)

Turn it off in image editing

apply the Partial preset

and we have Soft proofing turned on

Turn it off and apply the preset from the ‘Apply preset’ menu and it is not turned on at all (as it should or rather as it shouldn’t be).

So attempted to ‘Edit’ it again and I get exactly what you said, i.e. ‘Soft Proofing’ is a selected item and turned on.

Nice one or rather not a nice one.


My own new empty preset has the same feature

but it is worse than that because if I want to edit old partial presets it is there again and again and … in any and all edits

and I change ‘New Partial_15’ and the ‘Soft Proofing’ came up as per your (and now my my) tests so selected some other items and turned them on, turned off ‘Soft Proofing’ and de-selected it and saved the ‘Partial Preset’ and when applied I get

Someone seems very keen that we should use ‘Soft Proofing’!!

Looking at your preset in DPL6’s preset editor, I found that

  • SP is not part of the preset (nothing is…) and that no setting will be changed when your preset is applied, so far so good
  • If I modify your preset to incorporate SP with SP on or off respectively, SP will be activated or deactivated as expected.

My guess: Issue due to DPL on Win or your installation.

I’ve also exported the added presets so that you can try them and see what they do… (2.5 KB)

All of the above tested with DPL 6.3.1 on macOS Ventura 13.2.1 on M1 MacBook Air 2020.

Out of curiosity, I played with Keith’s “New empty preset” – and as you reported, it did nothing
(at least, I didn’t see anything).

Then I tried your 2 modified versions, and they switched SP → sRGB on resp. off,
as described.

@platypus and @Wolfgang I did my tests as shown and appeared to get the same as @KeithRJ had shown, exactly the same.

But as I was about to respond to @platypus’s post I tested on my new machine and that didn’t behave the same so I returned to my old machine (where the original tests and snapshots had been done) and it doesn’t behave the same way so now I am very confused.

So restart DxPL(Win) and start again

I had switched to a different ‘Workspace’ during my tests.

So I selected a partial preset I created way back “(P)None” and it showed as

in the old workspace and as

in the column list workspace?

In both cases ‘Soft Proofing’ is shown as “ON” but in one ‘Workspace’ it is also shown as “selected” but not in the other, and I don’t currently use ‘Soft Proofing’ at all, I am working my way up to that, and was certainly not using it when the presets were created!?

Plus as I wander through my ‘Partial’ presets I am being asked if I want to ‘Save’ the changes but I am not making any changes but something appears to be “making changes” and that happens in both “Workspaces” !?

@platypus this is your new empty preset in ‘Edit’ mode in one Workspace

and in another

Attempting to turn ‘Edit’ off when I have made no changes to the preset I get

So I started again

  1. Collect all presets involved together and check the contents

  2. Close and re-open DxPL(Win) 6.3.1


  1. The presets do what is written on the tin!

  2. Open the presets for editing and I get what I have described above for the two @platypus SP on/off presets we have


But for both of the empty presets we have




and any attempt to move from one of those empty presets while in ‘Edit’ mode is greeted with


indicating a potential change in the preset and this does not occur with the @platypus presets, i.e. DxPL thinks that the presets have been changed, potentially they have, but by DxPL itself!?


This is the outcome if I say yes to the ‘Save’

and compared to @platypus’s presets which come from a Mac we have


The “New empty preset” is @KeithRJ’s original preset as posted above. I imported that preset, renamed it to “Keiths empty preset”.

When I compared the two presets, Keith’s contained a character near the end of the preset that BBEdit showed as a “¿” in red print, but as noted before, the preset is empty and therefore is not changing anything when applied. Looking at the file with a hex editor, the flipped question mark stands for ASCII 0D, which is a CR (carriage return), while all other new lines are written as “0A”=LF (line feed).

@platypus This is the comparison between your empty Partial and @KeithRJ’ empty partial

and if I try to leave your preset when in ‘Edit’ mode I am prompted to save which I didn’t so that I had an original to compare anything with!

So I created a new directory copied all the presets, bounced DxPL(Win) and

and when I attempted to navigate away

The outcome of the save

and here I am comparing between the preset folder I created and the original I had compiled in my downloads folder, i.e. DxPL hasn’t been anywhere near that one!

I am not sure I can recreate all of the original problem but DxPL(Win) is definitely changing empty Partial presets given half a chance!

Thanks @BHAYT for confirming exactly what I am experiencing. At least I am not the only one with the problem.

@KeithRJ or we are both deluded or my medication is having stronger effects that usual.

My only problem is that I saw something initially that I have not been able to reproduce and need to wrap my head around what that is and what might have changed?

But DxPL(Win) appears to want to add ‘Soft Proofing’ elements to an empty ‘Partial’ preset, in fact it seems to not want to let an empty preset remain that way under any circumstances!

Haven’t taken notice before: the version numbers!

The new empty preset from DPL ( Win) has versions 17* and 11*, while on Mac, both numbers are 17*. What happens if you change from 11 to 17?

@platypus it appears to revert when I save the edited Preset after DxPL(Win) insists that I save it