Part of folder missing in image browser

I use PL4 Elite to process scanned negatives if for no other reason that its repair function is the best I have come across/ (Fastest for dust spots etc). Because I scan medium format negatives at 3200, the resulting files tend to be large. My initial storage is on a 6Tb External Drive which is functioning perfectly.

Yesterday, I went to one folder and discovered that PL4 did not recognise the first 34 images. The rest of the folder, including edits are fine. This fault does not appear to be replicated in other folders. The images are visible in Lightroom and other editing programs, not to mention file manager…

All filters are switched ‘ON’. (ticked). The folder is set to be sorted in ascending order. (The filenames are numbered filename_001 … 999).

Before I raise a support ticket, I was wondering whether others might have experienced this issue or maybe I have done something really dumb! :grinning:

If my memory serves me correctly just above the film strip is the number of files in the folder. Does this match the number of actual files on the folder? Also try turning off your sort to see if that helps.

Thanks for the reply. The number above the filmstrip matches the number of files visible in the film strip, not the folder.

As far as I can see, there is no way of completely turning off the sort, It appears to require at least one option selected.

Mmmm, I am at a loss then :slightly_frowning_face:. Have you refreshed the folder?

Yes and I have reinstalled PL4. Seems that it is one for support. Thanks anyway

Cracked it! I renamed the folder in Windows file manager an that forced PL4 to re-read it!


Usually, I sort my pics very similar
Screen Shot 05-22-21 at 05.42 PM

In PL4 you can do some organisation like < Refresh >
Screen Shot 05-22-21 at 05.33 PM

or < Create folder >
Screen Shot 05-22-21 at 05.32 PM

In PL4 go to the ‘troubling folder’, markup all pics and copy (drag + drop) them to a newly created folder
[ note: these are true copies / new pics, and not just a database entry like with ‘Projects’ ].

  • checking this operation with your file manager, you should see, that PL4 copied all files it can ‘handle’ (raw, dng, dop, xmp, tif, jpg – but no other sidecar-files, psd, png etc.)*
  • does PL4 show the missing files / edits in this new folder?
    – if not, you might try to create a new test folder on your internal drive …

Wolfgang :+1: :+1: