Parallel Processing in Pure Raw

Please process images simultaneously in DxO PureRaw on MacOS. Trying to batch process right now is painfully slow as each image processes 1 after the other with very low resource utilization. Processing 8-10 images at a time would significantly cut down on processing time and make the product much more useful.

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PureRAW uses DeepPRIME NR, which is extremely resource intensive. You can adjust the number of images to be processed in PhotoLab 5 but, due to the limitations of all but the most powerful of computers, you don’t really save much time.

I think the process could be optimized if PureRAW would accept further input in the development cue while it is already working on images.
The implementation of such a possibility would also not be too complicated, since it is already able to manage user interactions with the UI while the process is running.

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Where do you see this?

I totally agree…
I’m sitting waiting on 400 images…
cpu %20
GPU %3
memory %20
disc %0

My machine could probably process 5 images at once and make the process 5x faster…

400 images is like 3 hours worth of processing time…
with parallel processing, it could be 30 minutes…

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As Losart3d said, it is in Activity Monitor during batch processing. With an M1 Max I see about low cpu usage, and very spotty gpu usage.

I really wish this was an option. on a 10900K CPU w/3090 GPU, my 20 cpu cores never go above 15% (with only one core getting stretched to about 50%) and my gpu goes 30% then 0% then 30% when the next image is being processed. Seems like this would benefit from parallelism.

There’s an old saying that 9 women can’t give birth to a baby in 1 month. Parallel processing needs to be carefully implemented to be effective, but I’d be surprised if the developers hadn’t experimented.

My guess is that the application is written to support a wide range of older and newer machines with varying levels of computing power and memory.

As already suggested, if it’s feasible for high-end users, why not make it an option with the caveat that “Your mileage may vary” to prevent a flood of customer support issues?