Parallel lines Perspective

I cannot move or place the parallel lines in Perspective Effex vis Nik Collection in Photoshop.

Click on the button, creates lines, but I cannot move or place them???

No problem here.

Could you elaborate further … screenshots, information about your OS, Nik / PS-version etc.?

Posted by the same user here Perspective Effex - Nik Collection by DxO / Tutorials, tips & resources for Nik Collection - DxO Forums ???

I have now become aware of your double post.

I am having no problems using Perspective Efex as a Photoshop plugin.

Could we have some more information please?

I solved the issue. I utilize 3 4K monitors, and was trying to do the adjustment on #3 monitor.
There is no “code” in Perspective for multiple monitors, so it will only function on the “primary” monitor, in my case monitor #1.

I have only 2 monitors connected to my Mac and also to my Windows PC, and it doesn’t matter which monitor shows Perspective Efex. If the operating system can identify the monitor in my opinion you can place the application where you want.
But I am ready to learn new things

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This is from “Seth”, DXO support:
Thank you. At this time, there is no code in DxO Perspective to support the use of multiple monitors in the program. This is something the developers are aware of, and hope to add this support to the program in a future version of Nik Perspective. For now, please keep using Perspective on your primary monitor.

Hi Walter,
so maybe i don’t understand your question/problem.
I#m just working at my Win10/DXO5/Nik4 two Eizo monitors coneected.
Left is main monitor , and I configured just at the moment for testing with all the pallets and browser on the left and move the Customize screen at right.and opened a photo in Nik Perspective Efex.
It is working like I understand

I am Windows 11/Nik5, 3 LG 4K monitors.
Perspective Effex will open, I can place it on any monitor, but will only function correctly on monitor #1 which is designated as the “primary” monitor.
On monitors number 2 and 3 I cannot move the parallel lines, it will perform an auto correct though.
I can only move and place the lines on monitor 1.
DXO support tells me there is no code for multiple monitors in Perspective.
Perhaps there is something different with win10 vs win11.
I do know that the original standalone Perspective I purchases years ago is not compatible with win11.

Hi Walter,

all is possible in this world :smile:

I use Win 10 and Nik 4…in your User preferences an in your post I haven’t read something about versions, what is essential for supporting a problem

So maybe you have to open a support call

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Then it must be possible for something to be impossible. :wink: