Parallel installations where before a new version replaced the old

Can someone please tell me what’s up with installation in this regard. I now have 3 versions installed and can’t access the latest! (Win10 here)
• I upgraded from v5 to v7 and it left v5 installed whereas previously an upgrade replaced the previous version.
• v7.1 announced an upgrade to v7.2 so I did that thinking at least in the case of a minor version update I’d have it v7.2 replace v7.1 but instead it did a parallel installation leaving v7.1 there.
• v7.2 did not install a shortcut anywhere and when I click the PhotoLab shortcuts they open v7.1 Argh!
• I can’t remove v7.1 to leave v7.2 because Windows only shows me “DxO PhotoLab 7” in Apps and Features.
NB: I’m worried about losing all my settings if I work around this irritation by first uninstalling the previous version. Does anyone have any reassurances for me? :pray:

Okay, I restarted my PC and ran the v7.2 installation again and this time it has properly replaced v7.1. It kept my settings and I guess it’s safe to uninstall v5 which is still there.

Hi Andrew and Happy New Year,

the major PL versions always have been installed parallel
(like now from Nik Collection 6).

Check & backup these folders (also from PL5)
Screen Shot 01-03-24 at 11.22 AM 001
to save your settings.

DxO introduced the new “1 - DxO Style - Natural” preset

and changed the default sharpening (at some time in PL6).

With all the innovations you then need to “rebuild” your workspace,
if you used one.