Pantone Colours - Watch Out

It would seem Pantone is now leaping onto the Rentware bandwagon for using its colour palettes. At the moment it is firmly aimed at PS users (so if that is part of your workflow you may want to delve deeper into this disturbing new idea from Pantone).

Wonder how long it will take before they move onto other software makers? Affinity is one such company who have a wide selection of Pantone colour swatches as a defaults.

Pantone wants $15/month for the privilege of using its colors in Photoshop | Ars Technica

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Sounds most disturbing news my friend how do I avoid using its clolor swatches in DXO Photolab and other software how to know it’s panton?

I’m afraid I don’t know an answer to that. Although any colour is simply a set of hex values and so in theory anyone can use them, as far as I understand it, Pantone is also a system that ensure those colours are the same from original intent to the actual printed ink. For professionals, this is very important

For me, I do my own printing, so this need isn’t really relevant,

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Thank you for your kind answer