Panasonic GX-9 improvements in PhotoLab 2.0.1

We have a new version 2.0.1. In the description of the changes I read “Panasonic GX-9 files problems with lighting and green color cast”. This is great news for me! I haven’t met the problem of “green color cast”, but it’s good that it was removed after all. :wink: But I’m much more curious what was the problem with lighting?

Hello @nemo

issue was sometimes, saturated lights for images at ISO 100 could turned to crazy colors.
it was due to an incorrect value in our profile.

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This may be because ISO 100 is an “artificial” value (below base ISO) in this camera. The lowest native sensor value is ISO 200. I have never used ISO 100 in this camera, so I have not experienced these “crazy colors”. :wink: