Panasonic GH6

I have submitted a request for body and all lenses I have
I hope this is going to get done within Photolab 5 instead of having to wait until October or otherwise I will consider not buying DxO anymore
Last year I had to wait 5 months for the GH5M2 which was a minor release

Yes, I agree, this is something that desperately needs done, especially since the gh6 now has the ability to take 100mp stills and this is no gimmick feature, it works brilliantly. The PhotoLabs software is not cheap and if Adobe can support it quick I do not see any reason why PhotoLabs cannot. There moto is, it’s simply the best, well atm lightroom supports my gh6 raw files so just the fact it supports the photos puts it ahead on this aspect.
I have touted PhotoLabs as the best raw processing software and I believe where it supports our files, it most definitely is, but it’s got to stay on top of things and get support out faster for new cameras.

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Panasonic GH6 is now supported in PhotoLab 5.3 and will be in PureRAW 2 soon.