Panasonic GH5 - No Optics module available for this image to process

I’m new here, and just upgraded to Photolab from Optics Pro 10 last night because the website says that it’s compatible with the RAW files of my camera. I am also new to the camera I am using, so my problem could be on that end.

I am getting error when loading my RAW files, and I think I know what the problem is, but would like confirmation on my suspicion and info on what to do about it.

I’m using a Panasonic GH5 with a Novoflex adapter and Pentax lenses. Meaning, there’s no connection of information going from the lens to the camera. The camera has no clue what lens I have attached to it.

When I load the RW2 files into Photolab, each raw file says that there’s no Optics module available for this image to process. But, I can still process and export the image.

I think the error is because there’s no lens data in my EXIF and Photolab doesn’t know which lens I am using. Am I correct? Is there a way to make that error go away?

Thank you.

Hello Brooke,

Welcome to the DxO forum :slight_smile:

The message you see is just the the status of the optics module, it’s not an error.

For now we don’t have modules for Pentax lenses mounted on micro 4/3 cameras.
And you are right, as there is no connection we get focal length = 0.0mm, Aperture = F0.0 and we don’t have any lensname or lensid that could indicate which lens is used. Because of all these missing information, even if we had a module we could no use it on your photos.



Thank you for clearing that up for me.