Panasonic GH5 M2

I have submitted a request for this camera and all the lenses I own for it
How long does it take on average for a complete add?

Might come with PL5 this fall.

Assuming they’ve actually added it to their list of cameras to support, they will need to acquire a copy of the camera and all the lenses. There is no average time. It could take a month or two, it could take 6 months, they could end up supporting some but not all the lenses. You will need feedback from @Marie regarding the status of your request.


Adobe supports it if I have to wait until version 5 to use DxO i may stop altogether

Until you get a response from @Marie anything we say is just speculation.


I bought the Olympus E-M5 iii when it first came out and PL didn’t support it until 2 - 3 months later. What DxO need is the details of the RAW file format and then to analyse and process it. The GH 5 body supports all the existing m43 lenses and DxO already support those, so my guess is that it won’t take that long.


the GH5 II is currently in our Lab, its support will be in the autumn release.


@Marie does that mean I need to buy a new version of photolab for this?

Why do you think so many lenses and cameras are being added in the autumn!

It is a bit stupid as I use my camera for work like this it makes more sense to stick to adobe if I can’t process my images for 3 months