Package deal to by PhotoLab and Nik Collection?

My trial of DxO is over.
I’d like to buy the Elite Edition of PhotoLab and the Nik Collection.

Is there a package price?
Or do I have to buy them separately?

Its almost new version release month and black friday deal. I don’t think you’ll get free version update if next month they come out with PL3.
There was an elite update discount this weekend ending today I think, 49$ instead of 69$. Check in your account to see if there’s a deal.

On last years experance hang on for Black Friday!

You mean after US Thanksgiving?
(That’s a long wait.)

End of November isn’t long after the “new” version comes out. If its wanted before then, yes its 3 months. Given the much bigger discount given for Black Friday over renewals last year it’s worth hanging on either burying new or renewing.

Are you certain that there will still discount for Black Friday this year ?

No, but after last year do you think they have

For their sake, I hope yes.
After a traditional 30% discount period, this additional reduction was a mistake.

They did the same thing last yr with a discount at the end of summer and black friday sale and another for Christmas which was less discounted than BF.

Its getting worst every year, by that I mean there is sooo many people buying like crazy for black friday that even cyber monday sells get lots of out of stock products. imho that would be a mistake for them skipping the biggest sale of the year, but that’s their choice.

After the NIK upgrade saga I have my reservations about them changing.


In early September, after my trial for PhotoLab2 Elite and Nik was over, I purchased both of them. I paid $199, but was given an $49 discount. So, I paid $149.00. Both PhotoLab2 Elite and Nik were activated with the code I was given.

Then I paid $69 for the upgrade to PhotoLab3.

Now, I installed PhotoLab3 Elite on a new computer. Nik is not activated. I checked with support and they claim I need to buy it again.

Is this correct?

Hello Donna,
you can install Essential on 2 conmputers and Elite on up to 3 computers.

On how many computers have you installed Elite?


Its the Nik collection she was referring to.


I have Photolab 3 Elite installed on 2 computers.

The problem is that when I use the activation code on the second computer, it does not activate Nik.


That should not make a difference. Eveyone who bought NIK bundled with DPL should be able to install it on 3 computers.

Maybe @sgospodarenko can help you on this.

The activation limits are pretty low and prevent lifecycling your hardware.

I have therefore posted a feature request: Deactivate License Feature