Overwriting the old Nik Collection - NOT good

You are probably right, but now I have made a small effort - along with others I can look elsewhere on the forum.

I’ve worked with complaints for many years and my experience is that if there are 1-2 complaints about the same thing, it’s just the tip of the iceberg, but people don’t bother to complain - they just go elsewhere.

If they are still not customer-friendly, then it will hit them one day - it has happened to many.

The only reason I use energy and time here about this issue, is that I really love Lab 6 Elite.

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@Kib I don’t know what system you use (Windows or Apple?) But on a Windows machine in the ‘Downloads’ folder you will (should) find all the various ‘Nik_Collection**.exe’ installation files from whatever versions you originally downloaded. I had many issues with Nik in the past and had to uninstall and revert back to prevous versions that I knew worked. Also you can download the Google Nik Collection 1.2.11 without any support - of course - here… Google Nik Collection 1.2.11 Download | TechSpot if that’s any help?

W10 Pro.
Yes, I know, but as other writes it is a pain to go back - many troubles.
I also still have Nikon Capture NX2 (“old” Nikon shooters know, what I mean), and I bought this together with it.s Nik software (CEP) as plug in.

Perhaps DXO will - or will not - overwrite this.

But as long as they overwrite I do not want it - please read here, what others have written about going back to the original= It is a pain - IF you can do it.

The Nik software - all - I bought many years ago for Photoshop and Nikon software had a lot of problems and updates, but at the end it was very, very fine, and I am not 100 % sure I will get those updates the same way.

I have decided not to get it.

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Considering your situation, this looks like a sensible and grown-up choice.

Thanks - I bought FilmPack6, but it does not work at my laptop - have sendt the details to DxO= It works as plugin in DxO lab 6 Elite, but not Standalone, and not Photoshop (laptop)

Nik Collection version 6 is out now.

Note that the trial will overwrite your previous Nik(s) → Nik Collection v6 - #14 by platypus

For those who want to install several versions of Nik standalone apps, there is a way that works up to a certain point:


  • ! parallel installations of apps from Nik Collections by DxO, versions 2, 3 and 4
  • green tags identify apps that ran during my tests on macOS 12.6.5 on iMac 2019 (Intel)
  • red tags identify apps that don’t run because of the things I mention in the post linked in above
  • pattern: apps that have the new interface depend on shared resources will not cooperate
  • haven’t tested older versions
  • again: tested on a Mac and for standalone use only.
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Yes, it is interesting with the new NIK6, and there will be good updates later.

I bought FP6: For the time being DXO send me a Zip-file to run at my laptop (where the filmpack 6 not run at standalone and at the old CS6, BUT it does at my desktop), and if they can help me with the laptop, I am happy.

About NIK6: There is improvement, so if I could be sure it will run at my old CS6 at my desktop (as the FP6 does), where I have a functionel old NIK software, I would also buy it.

It is so stupid they overwrite it.

I have W10, not Mac (perhaps later I will shift) and your help here is too complicated for me, but thanks !

Nope, nope and more nope. DxO have some young yahoos in the programming department who believe we should all run the latest OS and only the latest version of programs. These gents are desperately ripping out as much legacy cross-application compatibility as they can and as fast as they can.

CS6 support is long gone (I think it’s gone in the Nik 3 that I run relatively happily from PhotoLab 6). When he has time, @platypus would be able to remind us what cross-app compatibility disappeared with which Nik edition.

It’s a pity the DxO marketing department can’t persuade the DxO project leads that the wider the cross-app compatibility the deeper the userbase and the greater the trust from existing users.

Oh so true.

I purchased and upgraded to Nik 4 only to find out later that it did not honour Ps Smart Objects created for Nik 3 or earlier (for SEP2 and Viveza 2 only in Nik 4). In fairness, I did not install the trial first, so it was competely my fault for not doing my due diligence - but who knew I had to: to my knowledge, DxO did not warn anyone about this omission.

Fool me once …

I have been using smart objects for my Nik edits since about 2009 or '10 in pretty much every instance of using a Nik filter - it seemed like the correct way to go and was fully supported by Nik, Google, and DxO up to Nik 3, and of course was consistent with the non-destructive editing workflow in Adobe.

I almost made that same mistake with Nik 5, until a fellow photographer pointed out the defficiency in DxO’s approach to supporting older versions. So, I installed the trial and tested it. My buddy was right: Nik 5 (and Nik 4, as I also found out) did not support Smart Objects created by earlier versions of the updated filters. Reverting rom Nik 4 back to 3 was a pain, but quite doable.

However, when I brought this oversight up to Nik development, I got crickets.

I did get an answer from soemone on these user forums (platypus?) that neither co-existence nor support for Smart Objects created in Nik 3 or earlier were not supported and never would be because of the “new code base” for the filters. The upgrade path I was advised to follow was to rework the (hundreds of) images to use the new filter code base for those filters that were updated. But there is no easy way to do that because (1) finding those images in bulk would be an onerous task, and (2) I cannot run the old version of Nik (to understand what I did) on the same machine as the newer version of Nik (to make the updates). That is not an “upgrade path” - it is a complete waste of time to have to do all that rework in the first place.

Further, what I was told about the co-existance issue is pure malarkey, and sounds more like corp-speak. I was a software developer for over 20 years before I moved on to software development methodology consulting. Co-existence is simply a matter of doing the work and writing the code. And apparently, the Nik team at DxO has no interest in doing either (a problem I found in my consulting practice with organizations that hired a lot of newer generation software developers).

My approach now: My production machines are Nik 3 and will remain so until Nik 3 breaks, oruntil DxO fixes the peoblem. I run an older Win 10 machine with Adobe CC LrC & Ps, on which I install the trial and see if the DxO Nik Team has hired any programmers who know what they are doing. I followed that approach to test Nik 5 (SEP & Viveza + CEP & AEP updated) pre-purchase and was very disappointed in the results.

Fool me twice …

I will do the same with the Nik 6 product (after they have finished the remaining filters, of course) and run the very simple tests I have set up. I anticipate being disappointed yet again, and it will be an hour I will never get back. But at least my production machines will not be violated with software that does not work as it should, and my $$ will remain in my wallet - until DxO has proven its worth in my instance. I am not holding my breath that it ever will.

It is as you say: unless the DxO marketing department figures out that going after my segment of their market has a decent business case, it ain’t gonna happen. I guess they are making way too much money on their current target market. Or on rubes like me who did not understnd the full implication of what DxO is (not) doing until it was too late.

(By the way - I have some other DxO products, but have migrated away from them and uninstalled them. I will never purchase upgrades foe these products, or purchase any other DxO products again. Based on my experience to date with the Nik Collection by DxO, I have no assurance that DxO will maintain backward compatibility in any of their products in future releases or updates.)

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Actually, PhotoLab, FilmPack and ViewPoint have not suffered from the same problems as Nik, which is a suite of products taken over from at least two previous publishers and more than likely full of legacy code that folks don’t dare touch because they don’t know what else it will break. On top of that, we have had major breaking changes in operating systems, both Mac and Windows. It’s not surprising such old code is so fragile.

Fortunately, with the comprehensive nature of the PL/FP/VP bundle and that it also works with RAW files, and that it is all DxO original code, has, as far as I can tell, made for a much more reliable product.

from nik1 to nik5… there was many thread related about disappointment. why were they not all upgraded at once and users having to pay for each little improvement block. that’s how software runs now a days, each year an upgrade version with some improvement, it’s up to you if you go for it or wait another year or more, some go for the monthly subscription. what ever you choose, it’s a circle.

Nik Collection is 8 plugin, now with nik6… they should all be completed within this upgrade, as the last 2 are coming this June I think.

can’t wait to see this coming Fall how many people are going to be mad cause they pay full price and 6 months later there will be discounted with the upcoming Holiday season =]

Thank you, uncoy, - good to know, but a shame that they are not more gifted and experienced in understanding people and thus also a healthy business. My version that works in CS6 has Color Efex 4, Viveza 2, Sharpener pro 3 and the others, the version 2 + the analogue ones, and I like it, and still use it sometimes.
If I could get the trial of the new NIK 6 without overwriting I would go for the trial - and every time I try a trial, I end up buying it :wink:

I wonder if it is because of what you wrote that I cannot get update 6.6 for Lab 6 elite on my Laptop? (Lab 6.5 Elite runs great)

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It is fine You defend DXO - I also love Lab5 and lab 6, therefore I am here at the forum, but do you not think Uncoy is telling facts ?
I do.

I think it could be a matter of SMOP (simple matter of programming)

When it comes to software everything is a matter of programing. The key here is whether the effort is ‘simple’.


Yes, I also think so, but I interpretate “simple” in another way - not that is is “easy”, but… in Danish it is “simpelthen” ;), but that word I could not translate to English.

Looking it up in Wikipedia: In software development, small matter of programming (SMOP) or simple matter of programming is a phrase used to ironically indicate that a suggested feature or design change would in fact require a great deal of effort.

It points out that although the change is clearly possible, it could be very laborious to actually perform. It often implies that the person proposing the feature underestimates its cost

Is it simple and easy or does it require work and good skills and the right attitude

If uncoy is right, and I think so, then it is about attitude and good skills + some work.

Thank You all for contributing to this thread, I do not think we can go further, so …thanks and see you in another thread.

I believe I know what you meant. “Simpelthen” apparently means “simply put” or " *quite simply". In other words the solution is obvious and straightforward. But even is the meaning is more subtle, I understood your intention.

My response is what we call in English a “play on words” which is the use of a word or phrase in a way that suggests an additional meaning. it was intended to be humorous.


OK, but I did not see any :grin:

Totally agree, I have both Filmpack 6 and NIK Collection and I prefer NIK 7 days a week. B&W is just black and white and often benefits greatly of a more compressed DR to get more bite. Who wants a dull 14 steps DR in BW?? … and who wants 14 steps in color images either???

Your Silver Efex version I think is much better than Joannas original in my eyes but of course there are people of other opinions too.

… and together with the latest generations of matte black inks that really makes B&W to come to its fullest expression, NIK is always my choice too. It gives you far better “starting points” than FP does.

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Agreed, but who’d care if DxO were able to integrate Nik rendering into PhotoLab, therefore sticking to RAW from start to end? If that could be achieved, @Joanna and @uncoy could produce favorite images with the same software product…

overwriting or not, nik6 makes the collection remastered from A to Z. if you look at it a different way, from v1 to v5 were just “minor” as it was piece by piece and not every plugin were being touched, now with v6 that should be it, all 7 within this update and include perspective.