Overwrite not right

When exporting an image that already exists in the target directory, PL4 prompts for overwrite / unique names / cancel. There is some inconsistent behavior with overwrite.

I have an image with two virtual copies, master and _1. When I export master the first time, I get image_name_M. If I come back and make edits and export again, PL4 issues the overwrite prompt. I select overwrite and it goes and does its thing.

In the end though, I get another file, image_name_M-1. The file that was supposed to be overwritten is not overwritten at all.

Even weirder: When I export the image again (now two exports on disk), PL4 doesn’t issue the overwrite prompt at all – it simply assumes new image name, and creates an _M-2, an _M-3, _M-4, etc.

This may be happening with virtual copies only. I haven’t noticed it elsewhere.

This isn’t a big deal but it’s a bug I’ve never seen in five years of using PL.

Hi there,
I think we have a bug here!
Thanks :+1:


Thanks Steven. Not a high priority item, just a little bug that needs swatting.

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