Output settings conflict

I am new to using DxO photolab 4. I have edited a file and am trying to export it to disk. I follow the output settings dialog that pops up but when I click to export, I get the message “The following output settings are in conflict: TIFF (16-bits) and Standard output.”

What am I doing wrong. I cannot find any messages to help here.


Can you post a screen shot of the Export dialog box just prior to selecting export so we can see the exact settings? What type of image are you exporting? Did this just happen with one particular image or several different images? Were you attempting to export more than one image at a time? Can you also supply a screen sjot of the error message?


I’m guessing these two export categories are using the same file name suffix. They should be set up differently if you want to use them both at the same time.

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Thanks for replying so quickly. I think you hit it on the head. I realize that in the dialog I was using the wrong suffix. When I corrected that, which I did after reading your email, the export seems to work, but now I get a message (The following output settigs are in conflict: DNG and Standard output). NO output. I was trying to export an .RW2 raw file to TIFF.
I am attaching a screenshot with the dialogue

Both “Standard output” and “DNG” and “TIFF (16-bit)” are checked (blue).
“Standard output” is also defined as DNG in the original folder. Most probably the same suffix is used for both.

Uncheck the two others and your TIFF export should be alright.

Your suggestion was correct. I guess I need to look at menus and options more closely.
Thanks very much.