Out-of-gamut display in PhotoLibrary / Project

Hi. I just found (in PL3 Elite) that when browsing images in a project in the PhotoLibrary section, clipping information for shadows and highlights are shown - those odd colours in places in the image. Why would this Customise function be active in the PhotoLibrary section ?
Regards Johannes Elkjaer Madsen

I suppose these toggled overlays are tied into the image viewer regardless of mode. It’s known, for example, that they get stuck on or off while the Local Adjustments editing tool is enabled. It’s a different overlay than the grid (Ctrl+G), which is only visible in Customize and automatically disappears while working with the Crop tool.

Whatever the reason highlight and shadow clipping can be seen in PhotoLibrary, despite not being able to control these in that view mode/workspace, I like it. It’s optional and provides somewhat useful feedback about exposure without having to select Customize.

Cannot give an answer to this question, but I don’t get off-colour warnings in library view on my Mac.


  • True,the clipping is visible in both modes. Anyway, the clipping functionality is going to be improved (but not a high priority task).

Svetlana G.

Nice. More good things - although low priority - to look forward to.
Regards Johannes Elkjaer Madsen