Orton Effect

Has anybody worked out a way to get the Orton Effect via PL? I suspect the blur tool will come into this somewhere but I just cannot fathom it out.


First time I heard about this Orton Effect and started a search with Google. Only found this page here

where the effect is described.
But from what I understand from the other sites, mostly describing how to get it done in PS, this is not possible in PL the same way.

Also found here

in the comments No. 12 someone describing how he does it in OpticPro.


Thanks KameraD, never thought of Nik and I have it…doh! Works well, especially as a way of taking some detail out of foliage when that foliage detracts from the subject.


I thought I would join my post to this thread, even after all this time, because I think I might have found a method.

Processed but without effect…

With effect…

Roughly what I did extra but it all depends on the original settings that you used before applying the “effect”

You may need to alter some of these settings to suit your image.

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Neat! I usually use the Sunlight filter in Color Efex Pro (Nik Collection) when I want this effect. Sometimes in combination with other filters like Pro Contrast.

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How about brenizer method?
Any way to do it without stitching?

Joanna, it looks good!

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