Organise library view and image preview side by side (left/right instead of up/down)

Hi, I’m using DxO photolab on a laptop with a 16:10 aspect ratio and on a desktop with a widescreen with a 21:9 ratio. Generally, all computer screens do have landscape- oriented displays, not portrait oriented display. As such, the UI is generally vertically more constrained than horizontally. This is precisely why you put the controls left and right of the main window. However, even the remaining space in the middle (especially on the 21:9 widescreen) does not work well to show the preview image on top and the browser at the bottom. It would be much easier to have browser and preview side-by-side, left to right. Luckily it’s possible to “detach” the browser and put it left (or right) to the main window, but it is not super convenient. Could it be possible to have the option to put the preview window right of the browser window? The layout would be:

<-------------------- TOP MENU ----------------------->

user should be able to select the boundary between preview and browser and adjust width of each component.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum @francois-connetable.

Are you thinking of having this implemented in both the Photo Library and the Customize views?

Also, it’s good practice to add one’s vote to one’s own requests too :wink:

Hi Francois,

in windows / DxO PL6 Elite / Library mode I undocked the image browser


moved the browser window to the left and the main window to the right,
opened Customize with Advanced workspace,
adjusted both windows to my liking
and saved everything as my new workspace.

Restarted PL and everything came back to how I had it.
Give it a try to find out if it’s what you’re looking for.

Assuming you can do the same on MacOS.


No problem there.

Here are two screenshots, one from each monitor, with the image browser on the left screen and the editing window on the right (master) screen…

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Yeah, that’s what I do too, but managing two windows is not ideal. It would be better if the “internal” window manager of DxO PL could do it for me… Plus I cannot position “library controls”>“thumbnails”>“image”>“image controls”… I must push thumbnails to the left or right and keep the layout otherwise unchanged…

Thanks @platypus for the tip on votes :wink:
Well, I generally switch between “photo library” and “customize”, but like to keep the thumnails on the side of the scree while doing so. So I’d say this should apply to both views. In all fairness, I mostly use “photo library” to tag photos. I start my editing session by selecting some folder, put some filter to define which images to use (generally a date), and then I don’t use the huge folder bar anymore, I minimize it. I use the thumbnails to sort my images (accept/reject). If the “tags” were available as a tab next to image “customize” controls, I would almost never switch back to libray…