Optional Auto Cropping for Horizon Tool


I would find it extremely helpful if there was some kind of autocropping function in the horizon tool limited to the original image borders with the original aspect (or a selectable ratio) that first marks an area in the center that uses as much of the original image as possible.

In addition, it would be good if you could optionally limit the cropping selection to the original image borders in the extended image area after rotating.


On my Mac, automatic cropping usually works as expected. Sometimes, it comes up with something I don’t like, but I found that switching to “manual” and back to “automatic” resolves that issue in most cases.

Having an option to limit the crop to inside the image area
would be welcome in many cases indeed.

The problem is that you either enable it globally in the preset or it’s not active.

I find it a bit cumbersome and somewhat hidden, so IMHO it would be helpful if there was a checkbox directly in the Horizon tool so that there is only an initial automatic crop selection that you can then also change before applying.

I might be missing something, but can’t you just check the check-box in the Geometry palette and have “Auto based on keystoning / horizon” as the Correction setting and then apply the Horizon tool.

This will not allow you to adjust the applied cropping while in the Horizon tool immediately, but if after changing the horizon you then select the Cropping tool without selecting Rest or Apply in the Horizon tool then you are straight into Crop with the adjusted horizon. You can then move the initial auto-crop as desired and once you hit Apply you get the combined effects of the Horizon and Crop changes (and the Crop changes can include changing the aspect ration).

The above applies to all of the Viewpoint perspective tools, not just the Horizon tool.

Personally, I use a preset that has “Auto based on Keystoning” selected and Crop on by default. I find that the auto Crop more often than not produces a decent result and if I want to change it I can just hit Crop as outlined above.

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limit the cropping selection to the original image borders in the extended image area after rotating.

While mostly useful, this would prevent exporting an image which needs a bit of black or green added along an edge.

My issue with auto-cropping is the painful dropdown switch from auto aspect ratio to manual aspect ratio after autocrop. I’d really like to be able automatically switch to manual aspect ratio just by pulling the frame corner. Or at least by pulling the frame corner with the option key pressed down.

I’m quite sure there are already open feature requests for what was asked for in the first post here. I’ve advocated for these myself in the past.

Have had some more thoughts on auto-cropping.

Auto-cropping could be the default. As long as we could pull the cropping out into the black if we want to. I’d really like the clone tool to work into the black (making the black part of the canvas) but the canvas doesn’t expand now, no matter how you crop.

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