Option to switch to light mode - Mac

On the windows version of PL6 I could change the colours from the almost unreadable (to me) grey on black, to black text on a white background. However, I have failed to find the option on the Mac version. I looked under Settings, and View and Window, but cannot think of where else it would be. I have the Mac Desktop set to Light mode.

Dear Roger,
if I remember correct this was/is one of the differences themes between MAC and Win.
Because I’m stillon version5 I don’t know if it’s fixed in 6

I realise I may have confused PL6 on Windows with some other app, and it looks like this option is not possible anyway, so I should apologise for asking the question It is something that seems so obvious that it surprises me it is not available. Despite having screen brightness to maximum on the MacBook, I find it really difficult to read the screen. Black on White would be so much easier to read.

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You can search in the forum with “user interface” to find some stuff over the years.
But i think the sript kiddies have better eyes than you and me :rofl:

There is no official support for light mode on macOS.

Disappointing, but thank you for confirming it. I guess the answer is to avoid using the MacBook for photo editing during daytime, when the grey on grey color scheme is harder to see.