Option to show AF points stored in the EXIF data

DXO should have a display option that shows the active AF points stored in the EXIF data for the image. Put the green boxes on the display where the active focus points were.

This data is available for Sony cameras for sure and likely many other modern cameras. A simple decoder would be required to be able to display this and it would be quite helpful to have.

It would be very helpful.

This has already been requested:


If you have a Sony camera, Try A7Info.
I have an Alpha9 and I use Wolfram Söns Freeware which works very well
(www soens de)

I’ve voted but my vote is a soft one as I would expect to handle focus evaluation while doing triage. Triage in Photolab is not realistic for sports photography. Moving between images takes several seconds. I voted yes, as if it’s easy, having focus points available to see and hide with a hot key would do no harm.

Just one caution to be aware of;

AF points stored in EXIF data do not necessarily indicate the actual focus point - because many photographers use a half-shutter press to lock focus and then, knowingly or not, recompose before shooting. This is especially true when the “good old” central focus point is used.

John M


Good point. Still no reason not to show the auto-focus point the camera did use. With some manufacturers it may even be possible to distinguish between focus achieved at the time of exposure and pre-focused shots (focus and recompose). What’s very useful about knowing where the focus was supposed to be is that it allows a photographer to know if s/he simply missed the focus or if his/her camera was unable to keep up. Keeping track of the focus point/tracking success ratio is most useful in sports photography: it allows a photographer to correct technique and do more of what does work and less of what does not.