Option to lock workspace palettes so that they can't be moved accidentally

Sometimes I accidentally select a palette heading while moving the mouse. This especially happens with the Move/Zoom palette when the viewer is zoomed in at the top of the image. It can also happen if I’m just a bit off target when clicking on any palette’s controls. Right now, to undo the mistake I have to reload my custom Workspace. It would be helpful to be able to have a switch that, when toggled, keeps the palettes from being moved. A position lock.

Hi Greg,

I assume you know that If you saved your set up as a named workspace you can select it from the Workplace menu and it will move all the palettes back to their original position. Doing that will not change any edit settings you have made for your image but it will expand or close palettes based on how you originally saved the workspace. A a result I’m not sure whether a lock is necessary, but I will support it with my vote.


Yes, Mark. Like I said, I have to reload (from its saved state) my custom workspace in order to quickly restore the position of a palette I accidentally moved. Thanks for voting! :slightly_smiling_face:

I was reading your request too quickly and missed that.