Option to disable creating 'DxO Collection' after processing in Lightroom

When using ‘Process with DxO PureRaw 2’ inside Lightroom, it creates a new collection under ‘DxO Collection’ for the DNG at import. For me it has no purpose at all. And this turns into a long list very quickly cluttering your catalog and consuming time deleting it again.

So why not make it user friendly by adding an option to disable this feature for people that do not use it?

Please speak up everyone that share my opinion and vote!


Strongly second this feature request. There seems to be no way to turn off Lightroom Collection Import. I want to store the PureRAW file with the rest of the images I’m working on. It is a major disruption of workflow to have to navigate back to the rest of the images.

Absent DXO allowing us to turn this off, I would think I will need to change my workflow to put all of my working files in a specific working collection and then select it for the target of the Lightroom Collection Import. This will lead to an awful lot of Collections…

Dear Mark,

When you have PureRAW version 3, it is possible to get rid of these unwanted collections. You can select ‘Put inside a Collection’ with ‘Current collection’ as destination. Don’t matter if you are using collections or not; I haven’t had any anoying DxO collections or others created since. Together with writing to ‘original image folder’, the best improvement worth my money upgrading to v3!