Option to change file suffix on export to application

Hello, I was hoping that an option could be added to change the file suffix on export to application, just like what export to disk has. Especially when working with multiple files, having the suffix added causes the eventual outputted files to include that suffix. I can’t speak for all users but personally I prefer to have my exported jpgs to have the same filename as their raw counterpart. This means that I have to manually rename all of those files, slowing down my workflow. By adding that option users who prefer it the way it is can still have the dxo suffix while those of us that want the files to mirror the name of their raw counterpart can have a simple option that helps speed up our workflow by eliminating the need to manually rename our files. Thanks!

Until this feature is implemented (if ever)…

If You are a Mac user this renaming can easily done using “Automator” - thousands of files in seconds.

I just looked for a Windows equivalent and I didn’t see anything obvious (and easy to use). Any Windows users have a suggestion?

There is one for Windows called “Rename Master” that I’ve used in the past and seems to work well.

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For Windows ⊞, I highly recommend Total Commander (https://www.ghisler.com/index.htm). For me it is THE « swiss army knife » for file management on Windows and include a renaming tool, a synchronization tool, and much much more.
Try it for free forever, buy it if you love it.

For Mac  I use Forklift (https://binarynights.com/) as a Total Commander replacement.


I thought the expression was “the swiss army knife” :sunglasses:
Thanks for the info!

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Hello guys,

This one is about the same - Export to Lightroom without suffix"? (export to LR/application has the same structure). So I will close this one as a duplicate and free your votes. And could you, please, add your votes/support to that request to see if you really need this feature and I’ll send it to the team.

Thank you and happy coming new year! :christmas_tree::fireworks:

Svetlana G.