Option for full screen Prime and DeepPrime previews

I would like to have the option to enable full screen Prime and especially DeepPrime previews. Even having it only available at 100% zoom would be ok with me. It doesn’t take my pc very long at all to process a file, and I would be willing to wait a few seconds for the results on my screen.

Hi Bryan,

Definitely! We have users like you (with quite fast machines) who will benefit for having such option.
This is something we’d like to implement in the future.



Good suggestion, definitely voting for this one. Deep Prime makes such a huge difference to my images that I usually need to check against the final image when making other adjustments. The current DeepPrime preview window is a touch too small for this so I am often finding myself having to export to disk, just to “preview”.

Another good suggestion I have heard before is to allow the user to change the size of the DeepPrime preview window. If it was completely re-sizable and if PL only generated enough image to fit in the preview window then that would be a very flexible solution that users could quite literally tailor to their own needs.


I will certainly like it. Good proposal.

A scalable window would be better than a full sized one.

And a way to store several denoising images tests and compare them instantly by switching them in the same place without computing them again would be great too.


A full screen preview (with zoom and so on) can be achieved by exporting the image into an image viewer.
I use Faststone for this purpose. By pressing the letter “E” Faststone can export the image into another application. By pressing 0,1,2 … 9 different scales of zoom can be selected.
Faststone displays a lot of image formats including tiff and dng. Especially it displays dxo generated dng files in the correct color. A lot of non Adobe programs apparently do not do this, because they open dng files as raw files, ignore the embedded color profile and use their own profile which they normally apply to raw files.

This said, I would like a larger preview too. Maybe 0.5 Megapixels would suffice for me. This is about 25% of my monitor screen and should need 0.25 seconds with my computer to process. The current preview is too small to judge over the right balance of denoising and sharpening.

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At least a much larger preview window, it’s really tiny! Or scalable…


I agree the preview window is too small to be useful in many cases. On the other hand, my computer is not fast enough that I really want to render the full size preview at all times. For me, it would be ideal if the current window could be resized, or a similar solution, to have an intermediate size. Long-term though, with a faster computer, the full preview is desireable for me too.

Hello, I have some related suggestions:

• After an export with DeepPRIME, replace the bitmap for preview in the cache database by the DeepPRIME exported demosaiced bitmap (an equivalent to the exported “DNG Denoise & Optical Corrections only”). Then, exported pictures could beneficiate of dynamic previews based on a finer basis than the current fast HQ demosaiced bitmap.

• User-configurable choice (between small, medium, or large area) for the DeepPRIME preview window. This window could also be detachable to be placed on the left panel, a second screen, or above the picture.

I am aware that these options could only interest people who has powerful setups and even high-resolution screens. But it would make dynamic previews more comfortable.

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I agree that these options would be very valuable, e.g. for fine-tuning the sliders of the noise reduction. On Apple silicon Macs, Deep Prime has become fast enough that even full size previews would be possible. With a strong GPU, it is the same on Windows.

I’m wondering if this has been addressed (larger/zoomable preview pane for denoise) in the new release.

The noise reduction is fantastic, but it’s a bit of a nuisance to have to export to really get a good look at how well the denoise worked.

No, it has not.


Thank you for the info. I guess you can’t have everything. The NR is still impressive.

When? It’s now quite a distance in the future… :grinning:

Steven is not going to commit to an implementation time frame. From his comment I would guess this would probably be no earlier than PhotoLab 8 which will be released in October 2024. By now the scope of PhotoLab 7 has most likely already been decided upon and his comment suggests this is something they are considering for a future version so I doubt it will be in PL 7…


His comment is 18 months old. Or am I missing another comment.

I’m hopeful this is in PL7…

I didn’t realize he was quoting such an old response from Steven. Perhaps it will be added to PL 7.



Any news on this? I thought it was a bug that it wasn’t affecting the main image window. Many of us have fast CPU and GPU and the rendering time wouldn’t take significant time.

Yes, some sort of viewing option would be appropriate for those with hardware fast enough to use it.


I assume you meant Export to Disk, however that is not the same as seeing the effects of DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD n the editing windows prior to export.