OpticsPro 11 in Windows 10

Does OpticsPro 11 run in Windows 10?

I still need it for my S100fs files…

OpticsPro 11 will run on Windows 10. Are you upgrading the operating system on an existing machine where OpticsPro is installed? If you are planning on installing OpticsPro 11 on a different computer running Windows 10, you may run into licensing issues.


I had OP11 running just fine on Windows 10 on my old computer before I ungraded to Photolab 3 earlier this year. My old computer died so I don’t have it installed on my new computer. As mwsilvers says, if you are installing on a new Win10 machine you may run into licensing issues. I would contact DXO support for help.

Hello @Volfot,

Yes, I confirm OP11 works on Win10.

Svetlana G.

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