Optics Modules synchronised across all DxO Software

I read in an article on Petapixel that the Optics Modules are now synchronised across the full range of DxO software. How does that manifest in the software? Does it also include the Nik Collection?

When I last checked, the modules had the same names, no matter what product was used. Nevertheless, each product downloads its own set of modules, which means that duplicates will be all over the place.

Currently, I have 6 copies each:

Checked the highlighted files - and they all have the same SHA checksum. These files are identical.

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I’m supposing it just means that any new optics modules will be made available in the latest version of all DxO titles at about the same time. It sure is a vague announcement. It would be nice if the modules were stored in a universal way, but that would require code changes to every product. that uses them.

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I cannot think of any of the Nik tools that use the DxO Optics Modules (I could be wrong, tho ?)

John M

Perspective Effects does John, just like Viewpoint. :smiley:


Synchronous basically means “at the same time”.
I suppose that all apps draw modules from the same database.

As of now, the catalog of modules contains

  • 524 camera bodies of 21 makers
  • 89’058 modules

Thanks, that is helpful. Good to have synchronisation, not so good to have duplicates.

Neither can I, except for Perspective Efex. My point was rather, why not? Some people use the Nik Collection standalone and it would make sense from the quality perspective if they could process an optically corrected file.

I reckon DxO would answer this by saying that that’s the purpose of their PureRAW product.


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