Optics modules lost on PL 6 upgrade

After upgrading to PL 6, none of the optics modules which I had downloaded for PL 5 remain installed.

When I open an image for which optics modules are not installed, none are suggested by PL 6.

My license allows installation of PL 6 on three computers. For each installation I have to choose and download the optics modules again.

I request a feature to be added to PL which I believe would resolve all three issues discussed above. The request is that my DxO account include a list of optics modules I use. Then each time I install PL (any version), the optics modules could be installed automatically at the same time. The implementation of this feature should include allowing the user to view and edit all combinations of cameras and lenses which the DxO account will automatically install.

Manually insuring I have all the appropriate optics modules is a chore because I have, or have had, several cameras, each of which can use several different lenses. Using PL to manage a large library, the task is amplified by inclusion of photos taken by others using their various cameras and lenses. I believe my suggestion for managing optics modules will allow DxO to clarify and simplify use of PL, as its power is more fully used on more hardware variants.

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Hi Tom,

and welcome to the forum. In Windows you can do this

Have a look where they reside on your system …

On a Mac, the modules can be found in
Users > accountname > Library > DxO PhotoLab v5 > Modules

The easiest way is to let DPL6 re-download the modules when it asks for it.

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It’s supposed to. So I wonder what’s going wrong in your case. Do you have antivirus/security software running that might be preventing PL6’s normal functions over the network?

Module download can be switched off and on in DPL’s settings. Moreover, modules can be downloaded manually through the respective menu item.

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Thanks to all who offered suggestions. I have taken a while to reply because I have been trying to follow up the suggestions by reading and learning, then re-evaluating my original questions. I still see problems, but more in the user interface rather than PL’s use of Optics Modules.

In my use of earlier versions of PL, the Manage DxO Optics Modules window indicated if the module for a particular camera body + lens combination had been downloaded. In PL 6 there is no indication. For example, I have an OM-D E-M1 Mark III + M.ZUKIO DIGITAL 17mm F1.8 camera and lens, and JPG and RAW modules have been downloaded. Yet I see this:

In earlier PL versions if the Module was on my system the Download button would be replaced with a Remove button. This led me to believe the modules were not present. However, when I click the Show only installed… box, the window shows all of the modules which are installed, now with the Remove button. I believe the button not changing from Download to Remove for installed modules is a bug. Also, in the Installed… window the Stat… column icon is changed to a checkmark.

In the table shown in the graphic is a column labeled “Stat…”. I can find nothing telling me what this column means. Maybe I have not looked enough, maybe the description is missing. Similarly I see nothing telling me what the icon in the column means, or what other possibilities there are. The table is abbreviated Stat… which could mean the field is too small to show all of the word. I can click and drag to resize some of the columns, this one will not enlarge enough to reveal all of its label. Not really bugs, but these are three more errors which make understanding and use of the modules difficult.

The fact that the Modules are already in place explains why PL was not suggesting I download them.

A better the default state of this window might be to show the install modules. This would let the user easy determine if a particular module was present. The checkbox could then enable “Show all modules available” if the user needed more. This is a user interface suggestion.

Clarifying these user interface issues would resolve my problems on a single computer. The request in my original post, that PL store what modules I have chosen to install and automatically add them when I install PL on a different computer, remains as a new feature request.

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