Optics Modules don't download

I am trying to download the optics modules for my camera/lens combination. They are listed but I get an error “The underlying connection was closed. An unexpected error occurred on a receive”.

I am on the trial - but even so without the optics modules this won’t work for me.

My internet connection is fine - e.g. I can post this message.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Yesterday it took me some 3 seconds, but a month ago I had to wait several minutes just for two modules. It seems that their server is sometimes overloaded. In my case activation.dxo.com is resolved to, which is hosted by OVHcloud datacenter in Roubaix, France (argh, Paris-Roubaix cycling race, the road to hell ;-)).

How long does it take for the error to appear?
Did it show any bytes downloaded before the error appeared?

Hi Wlodek
Thanks. Nothing starts downloading. It takes about 40 seconds for the message to appear. I did a tracert command (WIndows) to the domain you mention and I got some timeouts though it did complete. However only after 2m 40s. about Possibly then a network problem related to the delays but not certain.

I did wonder if this is because this is my second trial on the same PC, but it would seem strange for DxO to allow me to activate a second trial but then to block download of Optics Modules, though I suppose that is possible.

However; the most likely explanation seems to be network problems and the timeout.
So I will keep trying. (e.g. try a different network to connect)


The timeouts you observed in tracert are normal - for security reasons some routers on the network path do not generate certain ICMP packets (TTL Expired). You may just try ping, optionally with the ‘-t’ option.
It’s more likely that the server was temporarily overloaded or it’s a problem with a second trial indeed.

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