Optics Module for Nikkor Z 100-400mm lens (with Z6ii)?

When will this be supported?

Unfortunately still not supported with 5.2 :frowning:
Any idea for ETA?

I hope they do with the Z9 as well!

The Z9 is now supported in PL5.2.

Hey Mark,

I think he may have been referring to a Nikkor Z 100-400mm lens module for the Z9, not just support of the Z9 body itself.


Oh, okay. I’m not sure when that will happen

Yes I was asking for the Z9 and Z 100-400 combination. Thank you.

Sorry. My fault for not reading the thread title. :upside_down_face:

Still no idea if/when the Z 100-400 will be supported?

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I am waiting for this lens (100-400) as well as the 400/2.8TC and the 800pf. I hope they come soon, still can’t use this for my current kit. :cry:

Me too. And with the 1.4x and 2x TCs too.

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Any update on this??