Optics functions not available since 2.3.1b41

Since last update 2.3.1 build 41 I loose support for my sony a9 + 85 f/1,8 then no optic support function :frowning:
It is critical because can’t work correctly…
I opened support and wait for feedback
somebody has same issue?

Sorry about that, we have indeed received a few reports of issues with Sony modules.
Would you mind providing me with the ticket support number so we can investigate this properly?


I have the same problem, I should have posted here but started a new post, sorry DxO team. In case you’ve been unable to fix it, one way to temporarily fix it is to close PhotoLab, move the raw files to a different folder, then open PhotoLab and navigate to this folder. This has worked for me, every time I’ve encounter the issue.

Dear @kettch
Support ticket is #188332
Thank you

Thanks, I shook it up a bit, you should receive news from us promptly. I hope we’ll be able to resolve this quick!