Optical modules

Does anybody know how to get a list of available and planned modules? The Link on the DXO page does not work. Thanks

That’s works on my side.


Thanks Pascal but nope, link to modules does not work, neither Intenet Explorer, nor Firefox nor iphone. Simply no reaction.

Hello @Fotoguido,

Could you, please clean the cache and try again? As I see the following (FF browser):

Svetlana G.

Thanks Svetlana but click on Modules does still nothing.

Works on iPad.

Try a different browser

Lucky you :wink:

So: cleared Cache, tried IE and Firefox as well as iphone SE, WLAN as well as mobile (3g). Click on Modules does nothing, supposed to open this link with no reaction: “https://www.dxo.com/dxo-photolab/supported-cameras/#Nikon, D810,” (sic). On IE there is no search window but browser search finds D810. On Firefox there is a search window but with no function.

This is strange. I know it is no help for you but if I click on the link in your post it works perfectly.
Sorry, no idea anymore

The link works for me…

Strange, pdf would be great. Anyway, all I like to know is when an optical module for the Samyang SP 2.4/14 would be available. Thanks.

If you use “Nikon, D810, Samyang” in the Module search you will get this:

I guess this means the lens module is not planned for the next update?

Cheers, Joseph

Thanks Joseph, I could finally reproduce with Firefox, IE still does not work though. And yes, sadly no Information on plans avlbl.
Cheers, Guido