Optical module isn't recognised correctly

opens well on MacOS Mojave (10.14.6) using PL 3.3.2 Build 60 and offers to download the lens profile (I don’t use any Canon related modules)

Thanks for checking Ian.

Thanks Avalon, I am also using Mojave. Am wondering if I need to delete Photolab 3 and reinstall.

Hello @IanBuick and everyone,

about the issue with the Canon 100-400mm II we’ve finally found the problem. It comes from the use of the focusing distance, a calculation makes it out of the range accepted by the modules even if these ones are totally OK.
Fix of thi calculation will be fixed in next PhotoLab release.

In the meantime you have to deactivate the distorsion correction from the module. As this lens has almost no distortion it shouldn’t be a problem on your photos.



a correction of the Canon 100-400mm II optics modules has been release on August 26th.
So PhotoLab should propose to download a new module and you can now process all your photos.