Operating System Upgrade Required?

Have been having a lot of problems with the app not completing, gets to about 4 seconds to go then stops and starts counting up rather than down so have to cancel out.
Have it set to the GPU, win 11, 64bit, i5 CPU, 32gb ram.
Waiting to hear back from DXO Labs but now getting as shown in image.

What graphics card are you using?

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

Sorry for the late reply. I had a very busy day. Anyway the 1060 is toward the bottom end of the support scale but should be adequate if not very fast. It should be working as there are several forum members using that card successfully.

Have you tried choosing CPU only to see if it will work? It’ll be painfully slow but if it works then that would narrow the problem down to something being wrong with the GPU. Have you tested it out with a stress test lately?

Thank You for the reply ( 7 hrs ago I was still in noddy land :grinning:)
Have tried all 3 options to run the software with same result.
I don’t no what a stress test is or how to do one I’m afraid.
I have On1 photo raw 2023 and Topaz denoise they do work fine although there is a bit of lag when using a brush in On1.
Thank You again for reply. Russ.

Hello @russelllsnr

Not only your graphics card is at the bottom end of the support scale, also your i5 CPU is less than recommended (Intel® Core™ i7 4th generation or higher). However your support ticket is under investigation and will be answered asap.

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Your welcome. In light of @Barbara-S comment, it may be time for an hardware upgrade. PR2 may use both CPU and GPU more intensively than either On1 or Topaz.