Opening PL5

I keep my photos on an external usb ssd and I noticed that when I open PL5 it does not remember to open the last folder and display the images last processed. This was not a problem with PL4.

I assume this issue is related to PL5’s failure to display locally created tiffs and jpgs during processing as both the failure to display created images and the failure to display the last processed folder seem to only be a problem when the images are on an external drive. If I move images to the main Mac disc I do not see either of these issues.

Has anyone else seen either of these issues?

Just tried this now under macOS Monterey which seems to be causing all sorts of issues but can not replicate the behaviour you are experiencing.

I store my ‘finished’ files on an external hard drive and plugging it in and opening PL5 then navigating to a random folder PL5 remembers this folder on closing and reopening.
I tried unplugging the hard drive and starting PL5 which then obviously couldn’t find that drive/folder as I twas not present.
However on closing PL5 again. Reconnecting the hard drive and reopening PL5 resulted in the last folder from the hard drive being ‘opened’ in PL5 with the images loaded.

So assuming I’ve understood you correctly then I am not experiencing the issue you are.

I don’t mind trying something else if I’ve not understood you correctly but it may be a day or two before I can test.

That is interesting.

My copy of PL5 is a trail version and perhaps that is why this is happening to me and not to you. On the other hand if I use a folder on the main ssd (Macintosh HD) I do not see this problem, even though I have the trial version. That is, open a folder on the main ssd in PL5, close PL5 and reopen it, and the folder displays. Do the exact same with a folder on my external ssd and it does not open when I reopen PL5.

I guess I will find out if this is related to the trial version when I pay for the upgrade.

Not sure I’d risk it yet tbh unless the other features/upgrades are worth it to you if you need to/want to do the majority or work from the external ssd. Personally I edit on the internal ssd before transferring to the ext.ssd when I’m ‘done’ with the image. Still, I am not experiencing the issues you are.

Are you also running Monterey? It is supposed to be causing lots of issues - and not just with PL5.

Have you tried a reinstall?
Have you contacted support?

The only difference between the trial version and the full Elite version is the serial number. Otherwise, it should be identical up to 30 days, apart from the nag screen

Yes. The only functional difference.

The issue is that my trial version is not opening up the same folder that was open when it last closed when that folder is on an external ssd. It operates properly when the folder is on the main disk of the MBP. My assumption is that the problem is related to the problem of PL not showing any newly created intermediate files (like when I use Nik to create an HDR image) when the files are on an external drive, but there is the possibility that the trial screen which is automatically displayed when the trial starts has something to do with it as well. That is what I was referring to in my comment.