Opening DNG files without AsShotNeutral and AsShotWhiteXY

I have some DNG files that are legal, according to Adobe’s dng_validate 1.5.1 …

PS Z:\Shared\RAW> .\dng_validate.exe .\IMG_1070.DNG
Validating “.\IMG_1070.DNG”…
*** Warning: Neither AsShotNeutral nor AsShotWhiteXY included (legal but not recommended) ***
Raw image read time: 0.160 sec
Linearization time: 0.025 sec
Interpolate time: 0.164 sec
Validation complete
PS Z:\Shared\RAW>

… but PhotoLab 3.3 (build 4391) won’t load them: “Error during context construction” or “Failed getting dark stats”.

Hello @HalfBaked,

Could you, please, provide us with some samples via for the analysis?

Please, when uploading, put your forum name instead of the “support ticket number” and let me know when ready.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Thanks - I have uploaded three along with the JPEGs the camera produced.

1079 - used flash
1083 - interior lighting (I can’t remember what sort)
1111 - sunny day.

Bug report: if you add six files and then click send on the Flash version, nothing seems to happen. You then notice the ‘up to five’ bit, but there’s no way to remove a file from the queue.

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and thank you for the files - I can reproduce your issue. @Marie could you, please, investigate?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Hello @HalfBaked, @sgospodarenko

for now we support only dng with no compression and if Exif is correct, @HalfBaked, you used one.
When you convert images in dng option “Lossy compression” in preferences must be unchecked.
Here is what it looks like in Adobe dng converter:

Can you try like that ?
As I don’t have original RAW image I can’t test if I’m right.


It would surprise me if lossy compression was used - the check box in the program used to create them (dng4ps2) says it’s lossless - but it also happens with uncompressed ones - I’ve just uploaded one.

Hello Ian,

I don’t know how dng4ps2 creates dng, maybe compression isn’t optionnal. In Exif of the image it’s clear it’s a RGB one and not a RAW one, and there are also lot of missing Exif tag we need to process an image.

So maybe you can try to use Adobe dng converter for a test ?


I can point you at the source code - it’s on github.

I’ve used the Adobe dng converter - still same validation report (legal, but no AsShotNeutral and AsShotWhiteXY) and PhotoLab still doesn’t like them.

Another upload about to happen…