Opening capture one images

Hi I’ve just upgraded to photolab 5 when I used version 4 I could open images in capture one by right click open in and they would open in version 4, but when I do that photolab open but with no images.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the forum, Steve.

Open Capture One’s settings/preferences and check PhotoLab 5 in the “plugin” sub-settings.

Hi thanks for your reply but no images are showing up still, in the photo library there is nothing showing in the capture one files.As mentioned previously when I used to right click on an image in capture one it gave me the option of opening in photo lab when I do that now no images are appearing in the thumbnails bar.

hmmm, difficult. It works as expected with C1 (v12) on macOS BigSur on iMac 2019 and DPL5.

C1 settings:

C1 export from context menu:

Exported image in DPL5:

Note that the exported TIFF file is marked by Capture One and contains the keywords added in C1…