Oops - Cannot enlarge U-point's Area-of-Influence

Oops - - I minimised the circle-of-influence for a Control-Point (to sharpen an eye, in case you’re wondering) - but, now it’s so small I’m not able to grab the edge of the U-Point to enlarge it again.

Does anyone have a solution ?

John M

zoom in at max on the controlpoint?

Create a Upoint “son” to keep the correction values and delete this problematic one.


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Hello @John-M,

If max zoom in of the image does not help (I mean the circle is still less than the point itself) you can’t do anything except the following @Pieloe advice.

Svetlana G.

This has happened to me a few times. But like Pieloe wrote, adding a second, subordinated control point let’s you delete the problematic control point and retain the correction values.

@DxO: You could add some kind of handle that appears if the circle becomes smaller than the control point itself and which (the handle) can be grabbed to increase the diameter of the circle again.

A resetbutton? like right mouse click : “default control circle” ?

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Another solution :+1:

@lucho could you, please, have a look?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Hi folks,
Interesting issue and suggestions as well. We’ll pay attention to this frustrating area.
But to be honest we can’t promise that it will be done very soon.

But for now, the solution would be to choose another tool (i.e graduated filter or brush) from the radial menu. Then, you will be able to resize the U-point. Of course, don’t forget to switch to the “Control point” tool if you want to add another one :slight_smile:

See you,

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That didn’t work for me 'cos PL creates each new U-point based on the size of the previous U-point (in which the circle-of-influence was smaller than the U-point itself).

When I posted this plea for help, tho, I was forgetting that PL resets the circle to a default size when a new instance is started … So, that’s solved the problem for me.

Thank you, all, for your suggestions !

John M